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High Performance Solar Hot Water

Edson (Formally AAE) Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

The smart choice

All Edson systems are similar spec to AAE however warranty is now better at 15 years giving you peace of mind for your investment with quality Australian made 2101 duplex grade stainless steel tanks. No other manufacturer is supplying such high quality tanks!

Why waste expensive electricity heating water, when you can have it free from the sun while reducing your carbon foot print at the same time.

At SOLAR CITY we can reduce your hot water cost down to as little as $10 per year in some cases with the most advanced Solar Hot Water technology.

Why is Evacuated Tube Technology superior to traditional Flat plate

  1. Evacuated Tubes  retain their heat due to a vacuum between two glass walls, just like a thermos flask. In fact their so good at doing this they can boil water in the Antarctic. Flat plates would freeze!

  2. Passively tracking the sun due to their cylindrical shape, converting more heat for longer. (see graph)

  3. Flat plates allow water ingress causing fogging, further reducing performance

  4. This all adds up to Evacuated Tube Technology being up to 50% more efficient in Winter and 100% more in Summer than Flat plates.


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Other Points To Consider

  1. 15 years warranty on collector and 7 years warranty on the tank

  2. Lightweight collector/less load on roof

  3. Streamline design, looks more attractive on your roof

  4. AAE collector and frame is made of Marine grade Aluminium. Better than competitors powder coated finish, which fades

  5. Individual tubes are cheap and easy to replace ($45 each, compared to $600 for flat plate collector)

  6. Frost protected to -15ºC no glycol needed

  7. Greater flexibility, can be installed NE,NW,E or W

  8. AAE Tubes are thicker than competitors tubes, AAE inner absorber tube has 12 layer sputtered coating

Why We Dont Sell Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are not Solar, in fact they are only reverse cycle air conditioners used to heat water. It takes a lot of energy to heat water. A Heat Pump uses a 1.5Kw compressor, which has to run up to 20 hours to heat a tank of water. (30Kw x 0.15cents = $4.50/day) They won’t save any power and will be very noisy in operation. When the compressor fails the cost can be as high as $1000 to replace it!

At SOLAR CITY we can reduce your hot water bill by up to $700 per year with the most advanced Solar Hot Water technology on the market. We can bring down your hot water heating cost down to $10 a year.