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With IEC certification Solar E panels can be used in all types of applications ranging from grid feed systems, remote power systems, solar pumps, commercial, industrial etc.

Solar Enertech Corp was founded in the Silicon Valley, California in July 2004, Solar Enertech Corp. focuses on photovoltaic ("PV") science and technologies.

The company's mission is to advance PV technologies, to raise application efficiency while lowering cost, and to strengthen the Solar E (also knows as CMS) brand name with its superior products to compete in the global market.

Product features include

  1. High quality 125/125mm high conversion efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cells

  2. Modules incorporate high performance bypass diodes to minimise the power drop caused by shading

  3. High transmittance, low-iron tempered glass

  4. High performance EVA resin to prevent

  5. Module delaminating and 'browning'

  6. Weatherproof back sheet

  7. Sandblasted electrophoresis aluminium frame

  8. Multi-contact MC4 type output leads with waterproof connectors

  9. Certifications: IEC 61215, IEC 61730, Class II

  10. 5 years product warranty

  11. 10 years 90% output warranty

  12. 25 years 80% output warranty