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SOLAR CITY is a local family owned Green Energy business located in Rutherford NSW offering friendly and professional services to Maitland, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Rutherford, Raymond Terrace, Cessnock, Singleton and the Hunter Valley.

Established in 2008, we have sold and installed hundreds of Edson Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems and are now offering Grid Connect Solar Power Systems and Stand Alone Solar Power Systems.

At SOLAR CITY we pride our selves on excellent customer service to our clients and top quality installations by our fully qualified team of Plumbers, Electricians and Clean Energy Council (BCSC) Accredited installers and designer.

We specialise in Solar Hot Water Systems, Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water, Off-Grid Systems and Hybrid Battery Systems. Feel free to contact our friendly staff to arrange an appointment and start saving money today!

Our Range

Residential Solar Power

Off-Grid Solar


Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

Hybrid Battery Systems

Residential Solar Power

With a Solar Power system from SOLAR CITY, you can protect your family from rising power prices. Plus you can earn extra money by selling your excess solar back to the grid. At the same time you will reduce your carbon emissions.

Your solar power system investment can pay for itself in as little as 3-4 years. What other investment can do that?

SOLAR CITY design and install high quality systems tailored to your needs using only high quality panels and inverters that we know have stood the test of time for reliability and performance from long time established brands.

Why Go Solar?2018-09-05T04:53:00+10:00

With ever increasing electricity prices, there are only two ways to save money.

•Reduce power consumption or have a Solar Power System installed at your residence.

•Install Solar Power and a Solar Hot Water System. Then you have a solar house

Can I Afford Solar?2018-09-05T04:53:26+10:00

Yes you can, in fact there has never been a better time to invest in Solar energy. Can you afford not to with rising electricity costs? By using your own solar energy you can cut your energy bills, for instance run your fridge, freezer, pool pump, air conditioner up to the capacity of your PV system.

Solar Credits2018-09-05T04:53:47+10:00

(STC formally called RECS)

As there are no government rebates for government power anymore solar credits are given as an upfront discount off your solar PV system. Solar credits are a commodity and are tradable like shares and their value fluctuates. The price that you will pay for your system will be based on STC value on the day of install and maybe different to what was quoted. Phone for details.

Benefits Of Solar Power2018-10-11T15:48:44+11:00
  • Reduction of your expensive power bill provided free from the sun.
  • Adds value to your home, people would rather buy or rent a home that has solar.
  • You have more control of your power bill and that is empowering. You can add a battery giving you further energy independence.
  • Power prices are only going to continue to rise, Solar is insurance against that.
  • You reduce emissions from dirty coal fired power.
Why Choose Solar City?2018-10-11T15:52:45+11:00
  • SOLAR CITY is a local solar business that has been servicing Maitland, the lower Hunter and surrounding areas for 10 years.
  • We only sell well known quality brands and use local CEC accredited installers who we have had long association with.
  • 15 years of solar industry experience and the most up to date knowledge.
  • Excellent customer service that you can rely on and that gives you, our valued customer peace of mind, that should a problem develop that we will respond and you count on that.

Off-Grid Solar Power

If you have found that dream patch of land and purchased it, you may have discovered that it is too far from the grid to connect at an affordable price to where you want to build. That is extremely disappointing, but you can have affordable power with Solar and battery storage and you won’t have any electricity bills, ever!

Living off grid doesn’t have to be a frugal existence, you can live comfortably year round and you can have all the usual household appliances, even air conditioning and keep cool on those hot 40+ days. Having energy security that is reliable is quite achievable and the best part is it is free from the sun.

SOLAR CITY will design an Off Grid Solar power system that is customised to suit your power needs that will be cost effective and will use only components that will last the test of time under Australia’s harsh conditions with a minimum of maintenance.

Call SOLAR CITY to discuss your needs, no matter whether it’s a weekender cabin or a permanent dwelling, we’re only too happy to help.


Important First Steps In Achieving Energy Self-Sufficiency2018-10-11T15:57:13+11:00

The design of your home is crucial in achieving energy self -sufficiency. Good passive solar design principles are very important to your homes energy needs. Unnecessary power use resulting from a badly designed home will mean you will need a more expensive system and that isn’t the name of the game. Project home builders don’t understand the importance of this and are not likely to design a house to be energy efficient.

Over the 10 years I have been in business and the many phone enquiries I have received for OFF GRID systems, the most common statement I have heard people say is……”I have just built a house and I want an off grid system to power it because is going to cost me $200,000 to get the grid” I then ask if the house has air conditioning. “Yes comes the reply it’s a 3 phase ducted air conditioner.”

Now it isn’t a case of me not being able to design a system that can cater for a 3 phase power hungry ducted air conditioner, it’s the added cost of the system that could be avoided, if single phase split air conditioners are chosen.

SOLAR CITY can save you precious money. By contacting us first before you build is always the best way to ensure you get a quality off grid system that won’t cost you the earth. We will give you important tips and guide you through passive design principles for your home as well as guidance on appliance selection.

Tips for living off grid affordably and comfortably2018-11-07T12:26:23+11:00
  • A Solar Hot Water system -SOLAR CITY sells the best on the market. Please refer to SHW page for more info.
  • Consider non electrical alternatives for cooking and heating.
  • Inverter split air conditioning for individual rooms, these are very efficient and can be easily run from Solar and batteries.
  • Educate you on how to be a good energy manager.
  • How to choose appliances that are energy efficient, like fridges, freezers etc.
  • How your home can be designed as to it’s orientation to North for passive solar and ensuring there is sufficient roof space for SHW and Solar PV.
  • SOLAR CITY uses only good quality Panels from Q Cells, Trina, Suntech, Jinko and LG.
  • MPPT Charge Controllers and Inverters from Schnieder Electric, Victron, Imeon and IMARK.
Quality Batteries you can rely on2018-10-11T16:01:17+11:00

German made BAE Tubular Gel Sealed batteries are the main stay batteries we sell. These batteries are ultra low maintenance with no water top ups needed ever.  BAE batteries can take a huge charge without harm and can provide 5,000 cycles @ 30% depth of discharge. Flooded cell batteries require frequent maintenance.

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot

Water Systems

Installing an Edson Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater provides hot water free from the sun, while remaining environmentally friendly.

Edson and SOLAR CITY give you a peace of mind investment with a 20yr warranty on the Duplex Stainless Tank and 15yr Collector warranty.

How high is the cost to heat water?2018-10-23T13:09:01+11:00

Heating water takes a lot of energy, in fact it takes 15.75kwh to heat 250lt of water from 15c to just 60c. That’s costly and electricity and gas prices are only going to continue to rise.

Installing an Edson Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater can slash that cost by 95% or greater. Hot water free from the sun, while reducing your carbon foot print at the same time.

How well does it work in the winter?2018-10-23T13:09:06+11:00

Winter performance is outstanding with tank top out temperature of 80c being reached on sunny days common. Flat plate systems struggle to achieve 45c in the same conditions!

How can we see how the system is performing?2018-10-23T13:09:12+11:00

Another great feature of Edson systems is the digital temp gauge that shows collector, tank top and tank inlet temperatures. You know at a glance how the system is performing. No other Solar Water heater compares with Edson’s advanced technology for all season performance, even on cloudy days!

Hybrid Battery Systems

Maximise your solar investment by installing a home solar battery from SOLAR CITY. You don’t have to consider going off grid to gain control over the greedy energy companies, as a matter of fact you are better off staying on the grid and beat them at their own game and become more energy independent!  Another great advantage is the cost of your power is locked in, insurance against rising power prices.

Cost of using a solar battery2018-10-23T13:25:35+11:00

Commonly, grid connected solar systems produce excess energy that is exported to the grid earning you a credit on your bill of say 12.5 cents/KWh. However, when you buy back electricity in the late afternoon and evening, peak power prices can be as high as 55 cents/KWh and that’s when your homes demand for power is frequently at its highest.

How to save money using a solar battery2018-10-23T13:23:53+11:00

By storing some of your excess solar energy in a battery for use at night can save you a considerable amount of money per year, up to and beyond $1,000.00 depending on energy use and the size of your battery, on some days up 100% independence from the grid can be achieved and still export power once your battery is full.

Benefits of using a solar battery2019-05-29T16:14:25+10:00

A SOLAR CITY Hybrid system will produce power in a blackout, even for extended periods. You won’t have to throw out food and you won’t miss the footy or cricket either. It will be like nothing ever happened!

Back in the April 2015 super storm, parts of the Hunter like Gillieston Heights between Maitland and Kurri Kurri were isolated and had no power for weeks! If only those homes had a solar battery!

Quality Solar VS Cheap Solar

The saying, You Get What You Pay For is very true and Solar is no different.

Be wary of companies that are offering Ultra low prices. You may see ads on TV, offering bargain basement prices, but only if you buy now! Low prices are seductive, but if you think you’re getting a bargain, STOP and think a little longer. Bargain Solar can only buy you cheap and nasty components and a rushed installation where corners are cut, which is not good for the longevity of your investment or your safety!

Cheap and nasty operators from out of town or from out of state operate on wafer thin margins that don’t allow for any service back up when things go wrong and they will. Imagine your frustration when something goes wrong, you call them and your told the person that you need to speak to is in a meeting again and or a message, this number has been disconnected.

Fair Trading is overwhelmed with complaints about cheap solar companies. Cheap solar is never cheap!

SOLAR CITY is a local company that sell only good quality CEC accredited Panels, Inverters and switch gear, installed by local CEC accredited installers. Factory warranty is fully backed up by the L&H Group, a global company. SOLAR CITY and the L&H Group will be there for you, giving you peace of mind.  It makes no sense to buy cheap and nasty, when you can afford good quality Solar that will pay for itself in 4yrs.

SOLAR CITY will never compromise your family’s safety, we sell and install only quality components, that are proven to last the test of time in Australia’s harsh conditions and we take the time to do a great job. This is essential to realizing the long 30yr life of your Solar investment.

That’s why we have been in business for 10yrs. We will work with you to provide a solution to your energy needs that will have the best performance, safety and reliability for you.


Solar City, Renewable Energy Systems

Family Owned Since 2008

SOLAR CITY is a local, family-owned solar specialist.

We will never compromise your safety! We sell and install only quality panels, inverters and switch gear that are proven to last the test of time in harsh Australian conditions. Our quality components installed by responsible CEC accredited, experienced and insured tradesmen. We take the time to do a great job.

All PV systems are designed by the owner and Manager of SOLAR CITY, Shaun Beck, who has 15yrs experience in the Solar PV industry. Shaun is fully accredited with the CEC ensuring that everything is designed and installed to code and warranty is fully backed up by the L&H Group, a global company.

Peace of mind is assured, that if there should there be a failure, we will look after you even after business hours. That’s why we have been in business for over 10 years.

SOLAR CITY will work with you to provide a solution to your energy needs that will have the best performance, safety and reliability for you.

Shaun Beck

Contact Shaun at:

Ph: 02 4932 4480
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